Art is healing.

Here at Miriam’s Place, we host an art show in our atrium gallery to promote health through art.

Please enjoy the art on this page and visit our Facebook page to take a virtual video tour.

Our June Artist Is Christopher Cleary

Please enjoy this video, provided by the artist, Christopher Cleary. Watch our Facebook page on the Second Tuesday (Miriam’s Place Art Night) in June for a special on-site walk-through video.

Christopher Cleary Virtual Art Show

Christopher Cleary and Associates, LLC
(303) 466-6000

If you are interested in owning any of the pieces that are presented in this virtual tour, please contact Laura Archuleta at

Our May Artist is Susan Tormoen

Susan Tormoen

Susan Tormoen (in her own words):

As a Colorado Springs artist, educated in philosophy at Carleton and Lake Forest College, I work in pastel, oil, and woven tapestry. Slightly abstract, I am especially concerned with color. Subject is usually landscape but I also enjoy architecture and figure.

Early on, as I was finishing my studies as a young mother, I took a few art classes. For years I concentrated on watercolor but after moving to Colorado from Wisconsin and taking a workshop with Pueblo artist Fran Dodd, I became enamored with pastels. It was the that spontaneity became characteristic of my style. I love color and the way it is possible with the stroke of a pastel stick. Recently I renewed my acquaintance with oil and the pallet knife is usually my instrument of choice. I also do some weaving of tapestry.

I want to mention that I take my own and paint exclusively my own photos. I make an exception once in a while that is true of my birds. I did not take those photos.

Also I usually paint with a pallet knife, but the birds and pigeons in this show were done with a brush.

The paintings except for 2 small pastels are done in oil.

On The Plaza I and II:

I met these pigeons in Sante Fe, New Mexico on a trip with a friend and my daughter who had business there. My friend and I spent time in the capital building where there are many beautiful works of art. I highly recommend going there when in Santa Fe. We also spent much time on and near the Plaza where there are native artists and many shops. It was there that I photographed the pigeons. I usually underpaint my canvases with red acrylic and one of my objectives in these pieces was to let the red come through.

Creek Near Victor I and II:

On the road to Victor in Colorado from Colorado Springs if one is observant they will see a creek that goes under the road. It is a rocky creek which makes it a good subject for an artist. I also like the aspen in the distance with another road going through.

North Park III :

One of my favorite places in the Windy City is North Park, a haven on the north side.  I spend much time there with my daughter and grandsons. It has forest and water and is great for photo taking. I recently finished a pastel painting of one of my grandsons playing in the water with a stick. That is one reason I enjoy the place.

Fall Sunset I, III, and IV :

These sunsets were actually out my front door in their splendor.  My residence faces the northwest and I have the privileged of viewing Pikes Peak anytime and of course the sunsets. The smaller one and the horizontal painting have very rich color done without the texture that I often apply. The framed painting is more subtle in it’s appearance and maybe more typical of my work.

Blue Sunset on Paseo and Palmer Park in Pastel:

These are small pieces done in a new technique in pastel of small smudges or dots showing the background of the sanded pastel paper.  Another sunset on my street and   a view of Palmer Park where I frequent with my other daughter and her dogs. The sky is often the main attraction in my Palmer Park paintings.

Colorado Birds I and II:

Also smaller pieces, oils, and although I titled them Colorado Birds, they are plentiful in the Midwest and know as Red-Headed Woodpeckers and Canaries.

Colorado Springs Series:

A familiar subject with most local artists is Garden of the Gods. The texture and pallet knife strokes characteristic of my usual style are more obvious in these works.

Bluebird on a Limb and Bluebird in Snow:

Another bird which resides in Colorado and also where I call home, Minnesota, is the bluebird.  these paintings are done on a 4 inch canvas which can be hung in the narrowest of wall spaces.

Path with Purple:

A walk in the woods inspired this painting. I liked the shadows and how the color agreed with and contrasted beautifully with the gold of the foliage.

If you are interested in owning any of the pieces that are presented in this virtual tour, please contact Laura Archuleta at