This directory is a listing of businesses that are not related to bodywork or clinical support. Click HERE for a directory of bodywork and clinical support practitioners at Miriam’s Place.

Desiree Hickson

Diva’s Laundry Service


A self-described “Laundry Diva”, Desiree “Diva” Hickson is an entrepreneur who is committed to serving the Colorado Springs community and providing laundry and related-services that are second to none. She has spent the last 10+ years honing her skills and sharing her knowledge on her podcast, Laundry and Other Mysteries.

As a laundry attendant turned “Laundry Diva”, Desiree has developed a unique perspective when it comes to being a laundry professional. Influenced by other home care experts, she aspires to help others learn to make or use more holistic cleaning methods in their homes.


  • Depending on client needs, Desiree provides laundry and related-services including mobile services, wash/dry/fold, and ironing.  
  • Provides holistic detergent and other holistic laundry products based on client requests.

Future Classes

  • How to make/use holistic cleansers (either laundry or household). 
  • “How to do laundry” classes.
  • How to produce your own podcast

Terra Essentials

Your Guide to Healthy Living


Consistently for 20 years, TE was the Premiere Holistic Health Publication in the Pikes Peak Region. When Covid hit, all of our distribution points closed. As we emerge from the pandemic, we are currently reassessing our options. At this time, we are updating our website in anticipation of a small print run, as well as a downloadable edition of TE.
We appreciate your patience.

Kathryn Benton



Ms. Benton is our front line so please make sure you say hello when you arrive!! Ms. Benton manages Good- Life Jecco LLC and when she’s not busy at her desk, she loves being at home with her puppies!

Antonio Briceno

Health Markets


Antonio Briceno helps clients with individual health insurance, small group, Medicare, Supplemental, Disability, and Life Insurance.  There is no cost in person consulting, and full customer service for products. Mr. Briceno provides explanation on how these products work, in multiple situations, and which ones work best for each individual by doing a thorough evaluation of a person’s needs.


  • Individual Health Insurance – On exchange, which includes subsidies from the government and off exchange enroll directly with major companies and meeting federal guidelines
  • Small Group Plans – Health insurance for businesses from 2 employees to 99
  • Medicare – Health insurance for individuals over 65 or medical disabled
  • Supplemental Insurance – insurance plans that reimburse for accidents and illnesses; from hundreds of dollars to thousands
  • Disability – pays you when you can not work
  • Life Insurance – Pays your family if you die

Walter & Yolanda Miranda

Y & R Enterprises



Walter and Yolanda are a powerhouse when it comes to coordinating maintenance at Y&R Enterprises. They hire contractors to fulfill work orders by the management at Good Life JECCO. In their spare time, they enjoy spending time together and with their family.


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