Welcome to Miriam’s Place.

Miriam’s Place is an Organic Membership Collective of Body Workers, Energy Masters, and Mental Health Professionals who all bring their attributes into service at 1519 East Boulder in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado.

We partner with other practitioners to provide additional services not offered on site as our structure is small. Those professionals are listed under the website area named ‘Auxiliary Members’.

At Miriam’s Place, we believe that by having member-practitioners interact;  we are able to provide you with an even further comprehensive analysis of your pain.



The professionals at Miriam’s Place are not Doctors. The information available from the professionals at Miriam’s Place is based on first-hand knowledge of the techniques used in their professions. If you are recently injured, you should seek medical advice to ascertain what kind of injury you have sustained.

The professionals at Miriam’s Place work with Doctors. They encourage their clients to utilize the tests and imaging that Doctor’s offer.